My eight year-old was a sworn pineapple hater, until he got to eat the Pineapple Crocodile!

I just love the creativity of these books – this story in particular appeals to my little boys with its sense of adventure and danger!

The stories are fun, the recipes are fun – the kids now identify healthy food with fun!

Derry F


I sat down with my son Benny to read the Pineapple Crocodile but he ended up reading it to me. It was fun, engaging and a pleasure to read. I think I'd better go and re stock the fruit bowl before my little fruit bat turns into the Pineapple crocodile and I have to stand on the table and he eats every bit of fruit in sight.

 Jane M


Hi Jess,

Matteo was very excited when he opened the envelope and he loved the book. He kept reading it all over again for at least 10 times and now it's next to his bed!

We wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Anna, Paolo, Matteo, Alberto and Alice



We love the Kindy Kitchen series and use them at all our Kindies.

They are so well written, very melodic.

The writing reminds me of Roald Dahl ... my favourite kids author.

The passion for healthy food and teaching young children is palpable and authentic.

 Scott Dalton


Billy Kids & Bluey's Treehouse


Our three and a half year old absolutely adores Kindy Kitchen… And we just love how it expands her creative and culinary horizons. Ruby has come home munching seaweed after making tigers and lions with it, and singing about "rainbow foods making my body shine!"

Jessica Rosman, or "Big Jess" as she is fondly known by little people and their parents alike, is a truly gifted child communicator. She sees each child's unique gifts and taps into their creative sensibilities to build their passion for art, food and learning.

We feel so lucky that Ruby has been involved with Kindy Kitchen, and delight in seeing her explore healthy food and her imagination.

Ruby's mum & dad: Zoë Hart & Sean Beavis


The beautifully illustrated 'Kindy Kitchen' series provides a wonderful opportunity for parents to positively engage with their children on an often contentious subject - the importance of good nutrition.  The stories not only stir the imagination of both parents and children, but the message behind the story has real relevance to your child when reading the story is coupled with making the characters from fruit and veg together - and eating them! 


-Rachel Gunn, mum to Tom (5)  


The Watermelon Cupcake, and the Pineapple Crocodile are two wonderful little books for children and adults alike. They are absolutely great, Jess, you definitely have the ability to tell a story, and the illustrations by Nettie Lodge are absolutely superb. If your books don’t get the little ones and even some of the bigger ones to eat and enjoy the foods that are good for them, then nothing will. Those two books get the thumbs up from me...

Suzanne, Grandmother to 6 extra special grandchildren



As a director of a centre this series is a valuable teaching resource. The children enjoyed reading the story the Watermelon Cupcake, loved following the recipe at the end of the book and devoured the cupcakes. We can’t wait to incorporate the rest of the series into our program.


Ali Caldwell, Centre Director, Billy Kids Learning Centre


So Max and I are having a wee chat this afternoon about Santa and what goodies we should leave out for him on Christmas Eve. Max, very adamantly said:" Mum, we must leave out rainbow food for Santa, some nectarines, apples and we can make him a veggie juice..you know he can't eat biscuits at every house because he will get fat and tired and then he won't make it to all the kids around the world." Well, I was stumped for words but I guess Santa is getting healthy treats here! I think Jessica Rosman and kindy kitchen have something to do with this!! I just love Max's enthusiasm xxx


As a naturopath and owner of a health food store in Sydney, I know how difficult it can be for parents to feed children wholesome foods.  Making food fun for kids is what the fast food business has done for years now with children being marketed to in their very formative years.  This is precisely the reason this book is so timely - we need strategies to show our young ones what real food is and as parents and teachers we need some basics to work with to make meals at home and the classroom enjoyable.  Could this be the literal grassroots transformation of our next generation's dietary habits?  Go Kindy Kitchen!

Peter S.  


As for KK - what a blast, I honestly feel like Charlie unwrapping a chocolate bar to reveal a golden ticket...

I love love love your stories, such colour & wonder - oh & so so funny. I could imagine little animations along with your words, which of course made it all the more enjoyable!!!

Heleena A