About the Author

Jessica Rosman is a qualified preschool teacher who has combined her experience in the fields of teaching, marketing, and writing to create an inventive and exciting new cookbook called Kindy Kitchen.

By combining playful illustrated stories with character-based recipes, Kindy Kitchen offers children the chance to escape the mundane and enter a world in which fruit and vegetables come to life.

What originally began as a healthy food program in Jessica’s own classroom is now embraced by teachers and parents alike, who wish to create some exciting and lasting memories around healthy food.

In a world where the average child has consumed more sugar by the time they’re eight years old than an adult would have sampled in their entire lifetime a century ago, Jessica believes it has never been more important to foster a love of healthy eating in kids.

Now Jessica is the mother of her own little one, she is even more committed to educating this new generation on the importance of good food.


About the Illustrator

For the past seven years, Nettie Lodge has been writing and illustrating children’s books.

In 2005, her children’s picture book, Bird, published by ABC Books, won a Notable 
Book Merit at the Children’s Book Council of Australia Awards.

Her most recent book, Natemba, also published by ABC Books, is based on the plight of orphaned animals in Africa. Nettie researched this material while working as a volunteer at a vervet monkey sanctuary in South Africa.

Her current project is a picture book called Dave, about the plight of a Tasmanian Devil.

Nettie lives and paints in her studio on Scotland Island in Pittwater just north 
of Sydney.

For more information about Nettie, please visit: