The Cookbook

How do you get kids to love their fruit and veg?

Spark their imaginations!

In KINDY KITCHEN you'll meet - and eat! - a Rainbow Fruit Serpent, a Pineapple Crocodile and a Cucumber Frog, and you'll discover a new flavour of fun with this amazingly entertaining and seriously adorable cookbook!

With its delicious combination of illustrated rhymes and 30 juicy fresh fruit and vegetable recipes, KINDY KITCHEN will keep those rumbling little bellies full of what nature intended!

Ages: 3-8


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First page of Watermelon Cupcake Rhyme

First page of Watermelon Cupcake Rhyme

The Watermelon Cupcake  

Rhyme and Recipe

Find out what happens the day a child stumbles across a tower of succulent fruit-based cakes and a cranky little watermelon man comes out to spoil the fun!

Pineapple Crocodile Story.jpg

The Pineapple Crocodile     

Rhyme and Recipe

Follow the tale of a pineapple crocodile that has an appetite for tuna, fruit and… small children! Will the croc eat the lot or will he get a taste of his own medicine? Find out in this tantalizing tale, which will have you craving crocodile before the day is over!

Grape Necklace Story.jpg

The Grape Necklace  

Rhyme and Recipe

Find out what pretty jewellery is locked away inside the box made out of toast, the day a little girl decides to break its seal and eat the golden contents…

Santa Story.jpg

Tomato Santa    

Rhyme and Recipe

Find out what happens the night a little red Santa made from tomatoes and green beans flies into the kitchen…only problem is, to deliver the presents, he has to find the bean children first!

Capsicum Boat Story.jpg

The Capsicum Boat

Rhyme and Recipe  

Get ready to set sail on an adventure that will have you on the edge of your kitchen seat as a small man, made from vegetables, decides to circumnavigate the kitchen sink in his little red capsicum boat.